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Smile Gallery

At Millbrae Smiles we are dedicated to your dental health and to making your smile shine more brightly. Here are some examples of our work. Please contact us to learn more or to book an appointment.


AV Ortho after_n.JPG After
AV ortho before_n .jpg Before
CF Ortho After_n.JPG After
CF Ortho Before_n.jpg Before
MH ortho after_n.JPG After
MH ortho before.jpg Before
TB Ortho After_n.JPG After
TB Ortho Before_n.jpg Before
WB Ortho after_n.JPG After
WB ortho before_n.JPG Before
TA ortho after_n.JPG After
TA ortho before_n.jpg Before


Discolored after_n.JPG After
Discolored before_n.JPG Before
Composite After_n.JPG After
Composite Before_n.JPG Before
MH After_n.JPG After
MH Before_n.JPG Before
EE After_n.JPG After
EE before_n.JPG Before
Implant Crown (After)_n.jpeg After
Implant Crown (Before)_n.jpg Before
Partial Denture (After)_n.jpeg After
Partial Denture (Before)_n.jpg Before
Anterior Crowns 2 (After)_n.jpg After
Anterior Crowns 2 (Before)_n.jpg Before
Porcelain Crowns (After)_n.jpeg After
Porcelain Crowns (Before)_n.jpeg Before
Broken Anterior After_n.JPG After
Broken Anterior Before_n.jpg Before