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Emergency Appointments
in Millbrae


Through accident, illness, or infection, people can develop dental problems that need immediate treatment—for example, in order to stop a tissue bleed, save a tooth, relieve severe pain, or prevent dangerous health consequences. Open on Saturdays, Millbrae Smile Center is available and well-equipped to help in cases of dental emergency.


Q: What do you treat as a dental emergency?

A: When people fall off their bikes or experience accidents, they can crack or lose teeth.

Q: How do you make treatment available in cases of dental emergency?

A: Recreational accidents tend to happen when people are enjoying their days off. Millbrae Smile Center is open on Saturdays, which is an unusual convenience for patients.

Q: Do dental emergencies require specialist knowledge?

A: Yes. Dr. Jamie Zubrow received specialized training in emergency dentistry during her residency.

Q: What kind of emergency treatments does Millbrae Smile Center offer?

A: D. Zubrow can remove teeth, drain abscesses, and care for broken teeth before routine reconstruction.

Q: Does Millbrae Smile Center offer same-day appointments? Do you take new patients, or just treat regular patients?

A: Dr. Zubrow budgets time in the dental office so that she can offer same-day appointments. All patients are welcome, including new ones. Millbrae Smile Center is ready to help anyone who needs us.