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Fillings & Ceramic Crowns
in Millbrae

If one of your teeth breaks, becomes cracked, or shows signs of tooth decay, a filling or crown will easily and quickly restore it to its beautiful, natural condition.


Q: Why would my tooth need a crown?

A: There are many different reasons. A lot of patients have large fillings that were placed when they were teenagers. Large fillings tend to break down, and the tooth needs reinforcement to reduce pain and sensitivity. Or you may have injured, broken, or cracked a tooth. A crown reconstructs and protects your tooth. Today’s ceramic materials are stronger than ever and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Q: During the process of making my crown, will I have to go around with a hole in my smile?

A: Never. Dr. Jamie Zubrow always make a temporary crown, so you can smile and be confident while your permanent crown is being made.

Q: What type of filling material do you use?

A: Today, composite fillings (also known as “bonding”) are widely used instead of amalgam silver fillings. We make your crown with tooth-colored resin composite that is bonded to your tooth. It comes in all different shades and colors, so we can perfectly match your natural enamel shade.

Q: Do you remove silver amalgam fillings?

A: Dr. Zubrow often removes amalgam fillings, because they break down over time and need to be replaced. We are also able to remove bacteria while leaving much more of your natural tooth structure in place.

Q: How long will it take to get my permanent crown?

A: About two weeks total. The first appointment will last for an hour to an hour and a half, and the second appointment will be much briefer.