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Oral Surgery
in Millbrae


Oral surgery includes dental treatments for many conditions and diseases. The most common surgeries are root canals, tooth extractions, reconstructive dental surgery, and dental implants.


Q: What types of oral surgery services does Millbrae Smile Center offer?

A: We offer all of the most commonly needed oral surgical procedures, including endodontics (root canals), tooth extractions, synthetic bone grafts, socket preservation, alveoloplasty (jawbone reshaping and smoothing procedure following tooth extraction or tooth loss), wisdom tooth removal, and dental implant restoration.

Q: Does Dr. Jamie Zubrow specialize in certain oral surgeries?

A: She is well versed in most oral surgery procedures, and has received extensive surgical training during her residency program.

Q: What if my dental problem is a particularly complicated surgical case?

A: Dr. Zubrow is experienced at performing most dental surgical procedures. Millbrae Smile Center also employs a part-time oral surgeon who deals with uniquely complex problems such as impacted wisdom teeth.

Q: What kind of anesthesia do you use at Millbrae Smile Center for oral surgeries?

A: Dr. Zubrow will administer local anesthetics and nitrous oxide. Currently, we do not offer IV sedation.

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